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2012-02-09 10:02:03 by GameBuddy

Props to everyone involved in the NG redesign. It was long overdue, but worth it.

New Website!

2009-05-27 01:05:38 by GameBuddy

Jeremy Baker: Voice Actor Extraordinaire!

You can find all you need to hire me through my new website! Yay!

I decided to officially open myself to commissions, both in art and voice acting, and this journal entry will serve as a reference for anyone who'd like my services.


*Level 1: Pencil sketch, scanned and cleaned up = $15.00

*Level 2: Inked sketch = $20.00

*Level 3: Colored, no shading = $30.00

*Level 4: Colored, shading, no background = $50.00

*Level 5: Colored, shading, with background = $75.00

For an additional fee, I will draw more than one character. The fee will be $5.00 additional at Levels 1 and 2, $10.00 at levels 3 and 4, and $15.00 at Level 5. These fees apply to every extra character.

What I will draw:

*Sonic characters

*Nintendo characters

*Miscellaneous video game characters

*Anime characters

*Portraits (in my own style of course)

*Anything else within my parameters

What I will not draw:






*Racist or ideologically offensive material

*Overly provocative material (i.e. A chick with DDD cups wearing a thong)

*I will also not draw anything that I perceive as something that I won't be able to draw so that you get your money's worth. That wouldn't be fair to either of us.</ul>


Animation commissions will be a strictly case-to-case basis. Prices may range between $50-200+ depending on the situation and many other factors. Animation is hard.

Voice Acting and Voice Overs

My latest demo reel.

NOTE: The following terms only apply to solicited projects. Obviously, if I audition for a part in your project, I'm not going to ask you to pay me.

I am a free, non-paid voice actor for small projects.

But if your project is over 500 words, I would ask to be compensated via a small fee. The fee will depend on several factors including, but not limited too:

*The difficulty of the job

*The length of the job

*The resources I personally expend

*The nature of the job

I am also available for voice overs (the voices for TV, radio, movie trailer, and online advertisements), all that I ask is that you do not ask me to endorse your product or service unless you provide a good reason why I should. I will be happy to be the narrator, but that doesn't mean I believe in it.

What I will not act in:

*Anything pornographic or overly sexual in nature

*Anything overly offensive in any way and/or in poor taste

*I have a policy against strong cursing (i.e. "s**t", "f**k", and synonyms for parts of the body), mild cursing (i.e. "damn", "hell") is alright in moderation. I am willing to negotiate depending on the situation.

*I will not act in something involving established characters that places said characters in completely out-of-character situations (i.e. Sonic the Hedgehog murdering his friends or Goku turning into an evil, gay dude)

Additional notes:

I will draw your "fan character" but it's an extra $5.00 fee.

If you want me to draw something that I've never drawn before (i.e. a portrait of yourself, an obscure video game/anime character) I will need several references (i.e. pictures) so I can do a good job.

Any and all commissions will come second to my schedule at university and work, if you cannot wait a reasonable amount of time for me to finish your request, than don't bother. Bugging me every day will not help me work.


If you want me to voice your short for an upcoming collab, you must have already had your idea approved by thewax70, you also must provide me with either a preview of the animation I will be voicing, or a preview of your animation skills. If you message me without at least one of these, I will ignore you completely.

Like a bowl of green M&Ms, these additional notes are here to make sure you've read and understand my terms fully. If you come at me like, "HAY HURZ TWENTY BUCKS DRAW MAH FANCHARACTER AND CULUR EET!11" I will ignore you.


Payment will be accepted through PayPal and PayPal only in United States dollars.

With artwork, I will show you several, heavily watermarked previews throughout the stages of the picture, once you approve the final product, you will deposit the payment into my PayPal account and I will immediately either send you a copy of or post on my dA account the finished product with all watermarks removed.

With paid voice acting, I will send you the lines as they are recorded in low-quality format, once you have approved on all lines, they will be sent in high-quality, batch format once payment has been rendered.

Legal stuff

Anything that I create whether artwork or voice work, falls under my copyright and may not be reproduced, edited, or manipulated without my expressed permission. If these terms and conditions are broken, than legal action will follow.

If you are a professional company willing to negotiate via contract, I am open to that.